What is ePaperRoad?

ePaperRoad is an innovative software solution that can help you streamline your medical practice. The software provides automated responses to medical records requests. When someone calls your practice or visits your website to submit a medical records request, they’re directed to your secure ePaperRoad portal where they submit their request and complete an identity verification process. Then ePaperRoad handles the rest.

Types of records we handle for you:

Direct patient requests

Insurance requests

Legal requests

Life insurance requests

Disability requests under the ACA and state law

HEDIS requests from payers under the ACA

ePaperRoad is easy for you, your team, and requesters to use. It tracks outgoing records and provides full reports on your responses. You can customize your electronic records release form as well as the program so that you have “final say” on all outgoing records. ePaperRoad is fully compliant with individual state laws as well as ACA rules eliminating multiple requests from insurance companies.

How it works:

Patients and third-party requestors of medical records go to ePaper Road to make a request

We verify their identity using your stored demographics

We access your EMR through a VPN or cloud connection

We process the records and send them to the requested places (via Fedex, secure fax, or direct download)

You can decide what types of records you want to approve first (for example, requests from attorneys)

We provide you with report of all the records we processed on your behalf (which patients, who requested, where they were sent) for any time frame.

We monitor state laws to ensure regulatory compliance.

What are the benefits of ePaperRoad?

Providing medical records to patients by using office staff to produce those records is a money loser. Even if the staff member can generate enough medical records in one hour to cover the staff member’s salary and benefits for that hour it is still a money loser. The reason for this is that your staff member has plenty of more profitable things to do for you. 

In other words, there is an opportunity cost to having that staff member search for, produce, charge for, and deliver medical records. That staff member could be performing a customer service task for a patient in the office or calling patients to come in for routine exams and screenings, or following up on unpaid bills.

How ePaperRoad benefits medical practices:

Eliminates your opportunity based monetary losses on medical records processing

Eliminates the back-office work and stress to staff associated with medical records processing

Give medical practice full control of approvals prior to release

Guarantees regulatory compliance.

This product is FREE to medical practices.

The financial benefits of ePaperRoad.

Direct savings


If you have one or more full time staff members dedicated to processing outgoing medical records. You can completely eliminate the cost of these staff members who carry an average base salary of $34,500 across the United States.


Opportunity Based Savings


At a rate of $16.60 per hour your medical records secretary / clerk may process 3-4 records per hour.


Depending on your state this results in profitability of $10.25 to $61.00 per hour of your staff member doing this work.






Not so fast…


During the time your staff member was processing medicals records that staff member could have been using that valuable time to make customer service-based phone calls and bring in patients for follow up visits including annual exams.


That person could easily make 6 calls per hour (low estimate) and bring in 3 of those patients with an average reimbursement of $180 each.


So, would you rather make $540 or $61 in a given hour?

You and your medical practice are losing money processing medical records.


Revenue Sharing


ePaperRoad can legally reimburse your practice a percentage of the revenue earned from medical records requests each month. This means that ePaperRoad not only reduces or eliminates your cost in the processing of medical records at no cost to you, but we also provide your practice with additional monthly revenue.


ePaperRoad offers a secure, compliant, fast, and reliable way to fulfill medical records requests while adding to your bottom line. 

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