Make money

Stop paying for your team to complete tasks that don’t make your practice money and focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Consider the opportunity cost of manually responding to medical records requests. Your staff could be calling patients to book annual wellness visits, which brings you revenue, instead of barely breaking even by responding to record requests.

Save time

Help your team use their time more efficiently to serve your patients, book appointments, and chase reimbursements and payments.

Employees are your biggest expense. By automating simple administrative tasks your team can spend their time on more important tasks to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Grow your practice

Use your revenue wisely to grow your business. ePaper Road is here to help you make your practice efficient.

Automating patient record requests saves you time and money that you can devote to attracting new patients to your practice. The less time you spend on administration, the more time you have available for your patients.

What can ePaperRoad do for you?

Providing medical records to patients by using office staff to produce those records is a money loser. Even if the staff member can generate enough medical records in one hour to cover the staff member’s salary and benefits for that hour it is still a money loser. The reason for this is that staff member has plenty of more profitable thing to do for you. In other words, there is an opportunity cost to having that staff member search for, produce, charge for, and deliver medical records. That staff member could be performing a customer service task for a patient in the office or calling patient to coming in for routine exam and screening, or following up on an unpaid bill.

Administrative interface for physician side

User interface for requestor side

Full reports to track outgoing records

Option for “final say” on outgoing records

Customizable electronic records release form

Fully compliant with all individual state laws

Compliant with ACA rules eliminating multiple requests from insurance companies.

Rocket ship and system graphics

Opportunity Cost

If you’re manually responding to medical records requests, you’re missing out on revenue. The most significant cost associated with patient record retrieval is your employee’s time. Assuming you pay your staff $16 per hour, and they can process four patient record requests in an hour, that means at $6.50 per request, you’re bringing in $26 for those requests, netting you $10 for the hour. However, if your employee used that hour to call patients to encourage them to book their annual wellness visit, they could generate a lot more income for your practice.
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How it works:

Patients and third-party requestors of medical records go to ePaper Road to make a request

We verify their identity using your stored demographics

We access your EMR through a VPN or cloud connection

We process the records and send them to the requested places (via Fedex, secure fax, or direct download)

You can decide what types of records you want to approve first (for example, requests from attorneys)

We provide you with report of all the records we processed on your behalf (which patients, who requested, where they were sent) for any time frame.

We monitor state laws to ensure regulatory compliance.

How ePaperRoad benefits medical practices:

ePaperRoad can help your practice become more efficient and profitable


ePaperRoad makes your practice more efficient by cutting back on time spent responding to medical record requests.


ePaperRoad is fully compliant with HIPAA and ACA regulations to protect your patients’ privacy.

Money generating

Your staff can spend their time booking appointments, following up on payments, and chasing reimbursements to bring money in.

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``Since engaging with ePaper Road we have been able to cut staff costs and free up other staff to perform other tasks such as direct patient contact and communication. We will save over $50,000 in the first year. Our staff are so happy to not have to deal with medical records requests anymore. We are looking forward to our revenue share check from ePaper Road.``

Cathy Selca,

Director of Operations, Maiden Lane Medical, PLLC

Types of records we handle for you:

Direct patient requests

Insurance requests

Legal requests

Life insurance requests

Disability requests under the ACA and state law

HEDIS requests from payers under the ACA

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