What can Human Road do for you?

Human Road makes your HR headaches go away.

Its an easy-to-use HR platform, designed by a physician who understands the challenges you face when you combine your role as a business owner with your role as a health care provider. Human Road saves you time and provides a cost-effective solution for your HR needs.

Credentials tracking and alerts


Continuing Education

Payroll Reports Export

Automated Vacation Approvals

Internal Directory

Multi-staff task delegation

Employee of the month

Time Clock integration

Benefits integration

Full onboarding and offboarding

Announcements and Company Calendar

Job posting and position management

Rocket ship and system graphics

Why Human Road?

Developed by a physician, Human Road focuses on the unique needs of medical practices.


It’s an affordable option that can help you streamline your business so you can spend more time with patients. While other options available might promise low introductory rates, as you add uses and tools, those costs increase like the add-ons on budget airlines.

Easy to use

Intuitive and easy-to-use platform that covers all of your HR needs. Now it is possible for a single HR professional to manage the complex regulatory and professional needs for hundreds of health care employees.


It’s part of the Ferndale Road suite of services that streamline your administrative tasks from payroll to credentialing and continuing education. You can even track vacation requests and ensure that you have enough staff in the office every day to provide the high-quality patient care that inspires loyalty.

Calculate Your Costs

Human Road starts at $20/employee and thats it – no add-ons needed.
You get 100% of our product and all the updates and services for that low monthly rate.

0 Employees
Total Cost
No add-ons needed.
All updates and services.
$ 0 monthly

Streamline your HR tasks

Take control of your business and spend more time with patients.

Human Road is different from other human resources software because it was designed by physicians working in collaboration with human resources professionals as well as health care and employment attorneys.

Thus, the system is positioned to meet the industry specific needs of health care entities. It focuses on the unique needs of medical practices, including vacation tracking with minimum staffing level settings, training, credential tracking and continuing education.


Implement Change Now

Talk to us about your practice and your HR headaches, and one of our representatives can tell you more about Human Road and get you started on a streamlined HR platform. Take control back today.

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