Save time and money on patient record retrieval

Rows of patient records

Save time and money on patient record retrieval

Is your patient record retrieval process inefficient? Depending on the size of your practice, your team may process as many as 500 requests for patient records every month. If it takes a member of your team around 15 minutes to locate, print, and mail a patient record, they’re wasting a lot of time on a service that could be easily automated. 


ePaper road automates responses to requests for patient information, freeing up your team’s time so they can focus on patient service and other more profitable tasks. 


Manual patient record retrieval is inefficient


If your team is still manually searching for patient charts and records, they’re wasting time and money. While you need to respond to patient record requests and comply with HIPAA regulations, you don’t need to have a member of your team spend their time sorting through patient charts, reading through the documents to find the correct information, making copies, and manually mailing reports. 


You’re also missing out on income


In addition to taking your staff’s time away from patients, spending time on manual patient record retrieval is also costing you money. The most significant cost associated with patient record retrieval is your employee’s time. Assuming you pay your staff $16 per hour, and they can process four patient record requests in an hour, that means at $6.50 per request, you’re bringing in $26 for those requests, netting you $10 for the hour. 


While making $10 is fine, it’s not going to make you rich. But if your employee used that hour to call patients to encourage them to book their annual wellness visit, they could generate a lot more income for your practice. For example, if your employee manages to talk to six patients in an hour and schedule four appointments, at an average insurance payout of $150, they could generate $600 in income in the same amount of time that they would have spent on responding to patient record requests. 


An added bonus is that when your staff reaches out to them about preventive visits and follow-ups, your patients will feel like they matter to your practice and that you care about their health and wellness. 


Automate patient record retrieval with ePaper Road


ePaper Road is an easy-to-use automated system to respond to patient record requests. Instead of spending time manually responding to patient records requests, your team simply directs the requestor to ePaper Road. 


ePaper Road verifies their identity and connects to your electronic medical records securely. We process the documents and provide them via the requestor’s preferred method (FedEx, secure fax, or secure download). You get a monthly report of all the records processed on your behalf each month with details about who made the request, where the records were sent, and the time frame. The entire process is completed in compliance with your state laws.


Benefits of ePaper Road


ePaper Road increases the efficiency of your office. Your team doesn’t have to spend time manually processing requests, so they can spend more time helping your patients, scheduling appointments, and following up on billing. 


ePaper Road also increases the security around your patients’ information. All transactions are completed through secure channels, and all requester details are thoroughly verified before any information is released.


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