Manage Recruitment and Retention in Your Medical Practice

Manage Recruitment and Retention in Your Medical Practice

Recruitment and retention are critical to the success of your practice. You need the best clinical and office staff available to make your practice run smoothly and provide expert services to your patients. However, recruiting and retaining talent in the health care industry has a unique set of challenges that physicians need to deal with when hiring both clinical and office staff for their practices.


While every industry has recruitment and retention obstacles, the health care industry has widespread talent gaps and shortages, which will only increase as the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement. Employee turnover in the health care industry also hovers around 19%, which is higher than the national average of 15%. High turnover further exacerbates the challenges of finding and hiring the right people and keeping them on your team.


Tips for improving recruitment


Recruiting is time-consuming, so you want to get it right on your first round and hire the right person for your team. Try these tips to streamline your process.


Use technology


You have several options for using technology to streamline your recruitment process. Invest in an internal people management program that includes clear job descriptions of the team members you need and the necessary qualifications.


You can use this information to use an online recruiting tool that allows you to set specific parameters and qualification requirements for your applicants. These search filters help you identify the applicants who have the skills, experience, and training you need on your team.


Improve employer branding


Even if you have a relatively small practice, your business is a valuable employer. Ask your current employees to write positive reviews on recruitment sites and ask them for employee referrals.


Create recruitment pipelines


You can work with a variety of recruitment job boards and talent pools to open your recruitment pipeline. Throughout the recruitment process, your pipeline narrows, eventually revealing a handful of candidates who are exactly what you’re looking for – on paper at least.


Don’t skip the interview


If you have three candidates with the perfect resume, don’t just pick one. Invite them all for interviews and get to know them as people as well as employees. You want to hire someone who will fit in with the rest of your team.


Think long term – You want to keep good employees


Once you’ve hired the right people for your team, you want to keep them. With a little effort, you will increase your retention by being a great employer.


Tips for retaining exceptional talent



Health care regulations change frequently, and new technologies are continually emerging. You can help your team stay up-to-date with everything they need to know by supporting their training needs. For example, offer in-house training for new programs and services and encourage them to attend external training and conferences. In addition to increasing your employees’ knowledge, training also demonstrates that you’re invested in them.

Promote from within


Whenever possible, you should offer your existing employees the opportunity to grow, develop, and step into advancing positions. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to grow with your practice and know that they have a secure future with you.

Recognize excellent work


Saying thank you and recognizing your employees for outstanding work goes a long way to fostering a positive work environment. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and that their efforts are recognized. Try implementing recognition programs to show that you notice and appreciate what your team does for you.


Foster a collaborative and supportive environment


Teamwork is critical to the success of medical practices of every size. You should make sure that both clinical and office staff appreciate each other. It’s too easy for an “us and them” dynamic to develop in health care practices, which creates discord and problems in the long run.


Offer good benefits


Employees are your biggest expense. However, you shouldn’t scrimp on offering excellent benefits. While you don’t want employees to stay just because of the benefits, good health insurance, paid time off, and other benefits help your employees not only feel valued, but value their positions.


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